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CIT Symposium


Attendee Presentations

Symposium Overview  PDF
Ratan Jha, Director, Raspet Flight Research Laboratory, MSU

Automation Technology for Large Composite Structures Manufacturing  PDF
Steven Summitt, Engineering Manager, Large Structures Center of Excellence (COE), ATK Aerospace Structures, Iuka, MS

American Eurocopter Considerations in Rotorcraft Composites Development  PDF
Thomas Sippel, Design, Support and Liaison Engineer, American Eurocopter, Columbus, MS

Lightweighting Composites and Lower Cost Carbon Fiber  PDF
Dave Warren, Program Manager, Transportation Materials, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Automotive Composites Challenges
Dave Kehrl, Senior Project Engineer, A&P Technology, Cincinnati, OH

Kickstarting Widespread Adoption of Automotive Carbon Fiber Composites  PDF
Greg Rucks, Consultant, Industry and Transportation Practices, Rocky Mountain Institute

Carbon Fiber Intensive Automotive Body Structures: 30 Seconds per Cycle – It can be done!  PDF
Don Lasell, President, Think Composites, LLC.

Overview of Ingalls Shipbuilding: Industrial Application of Composite Technology  PDF
Mike Lipski, Director, Business Development and Strategic Planning, Ingalls Shipbuilding

Seemann Composites: Corporate Overview and Future Needs
Riley Woodham, Vice President for Engineering, Seemann Composites

Layering a Legacy – Creating Composites for the Future  PDF
Cody Hardin, Senior Process Engineer, GE Aviation, Batesville Composites Operation

EMCC Composite Manufacturing Training Pathways  PDF
Stan Rice, East Mississippi Community College Workforce Coordinator
Joe Cook, East Mississippi Community College Technical Training Manager

Institute for Imaging & Analytical Technologies  PDF
Chair: Giselle Thibaudeau, Director, Institute for Imaging & Analytical Technologies, MSU

Multiscale Modeling of Multifunctional Composites  PDF
Tom Lacy, Professor, Aerospace Engineering

Eco-friendly and Multifunctional Composites
Hossein Toghiani, Thomas B. Nusz Endowed Professor, Chemical Engineering

Characterizing Polymeric Composites  PDF
Judy Schneider, Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Modeling and Optimization of Composite Structures for Transportation Applications  PDF
Masoud Rais-Rohani, Professor, Aerospace Engineering

Static/Dynamic Testing and Health Monitoring of Large Scale Composite Structures  PDF
Rani Sullivan, Associate Professor, Aerospace Engineering

Overview of CAVS Capabilities for Materials Research including Polymers and Composites  PDF
Paul Wang, Deputy Director for Program Development, Center for Advanced Vehicular Systems

Structural Health Monitoring of Composite Structures PDF
Ratan Jha, Director, Raspet Flight Research Laboratory, MSU

Technology Transfer and Intellectual Property  PDF
Gerald Nelson, Director, Office of Entrepreneurship and Technology Transfer