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(photo by Russ Houston / © Mississippi State University)

Mr. Dallas Brooks is the Director, Raspet Flight Research Laboratory at Mississippi State University and the Associate Director for Research of the ASSURE FAA UAS Center of Excellence (COE).

As the Raspet Director, Mr. Brooks directs all aspects of MSU’s broad spectrum of government and commercial manned and unmanned aviation research, development, test and engineering (RDT&E) programs.  He leads MSU/ASSURE initiatives on UAS integration, including detect and avoid (DAA) research and testing, multi- and hyper- spectral sensing systems RDT&E supporting precision agriculture and environmental monitoring, and offshore environmental monitoring and oil platform security.

As the Associate Director for Research of the ASSURE FAA UAS Center of Excellence (COE), Mr. Brooks leads a coalition of 22 of the nation’s leading aviation and unmanned systems research universities to develop technical solutions to address the challenges of safely integrating UAS into the national airspace system.  He investigates, evaluates, proposes, selects and directs UAS research projects and initiatives to be executed under the FAA’s UAS COE.  He also evaluates research results and makes recommendations to the FAA on proposed standards for UAS system design, construction, performance, flight standards and operational procedures that are designed to enhance the safety of UAS operations nationwide and around the world.

A recognized national leader in unmanned systems integration, Mr. Brooks engages and coordinates with national and international regulatory, support and administrative agencies to help ensure that the tremendous capabilities of unmanned systems are realized.  His aviation and technical experience spans over 30 years, over 20 of which were in service to America’s armed forces at home and overseas.  Mr. Brooks serves on multiple national-level Boards, Committees, and Steering Groups.  He is the Executive Vice Chairman of the National Board of Directors for the Association of Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI), the world’s largest non-profit organization devoted exclusively to advancing the unmanned systems and robotics community.  He also serves as co-chair the Federal multi-agency UAS Sense and Avoid Science and Research Panel, supporting the FAA, the DoD, NASA and DHS to identify and solve key sense-and-avoid challenges, as an Executive Committee member of the ASTM F-38 Standards Committee on UAS, as an Executive Committee member of the ASSURE FAA UAS COE, and as a past member of the FAA’s UAS Aviation Rulemaking Committee.