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The Raspet Flight Research Laboratory is located on the north end of Bryan Field (KSTF) in Starkville, Mississippi and consists of two large hangers. Each hanger has offices, vacuum/high pressure air, overhead hoists, and high-speed internet in addition to large work areas for aircraft. Additional facilities include a paint shop, composite storage and fabrication rooms, machine shop, CNC machines, ovens, autoclaves, an engine test room, an electronics shop, and a structural test area. RASPET is the largest and finest equipped university flight research facility in the country.



RASPET has direct access to the Bryan-Field hard surface runway (5,500 feet long and 150 feet wide). This runway is lighted for night operations and is served by NDB, VOR, and GPS instrument approaches.


Research and Development Buildings

35,000 square-foot research hanger/flight test facility (Building I) and a 55,000 square-foot composite aircraft development facility (Building II).


BldgII 003

Instrumentation for Advanced Flight-Testing

80 channel, high-speed data acquisition system; 30 channel “real time” telemetry system; precision differential GPS system, various sensors, calibration capabilities.


Advanced Manufacturing

12′ x 16′ x 32″ three-axis CNC milling machine with current CAD-CAM software support


Two autoclaves (10’dia X 55’ & 2’dia X 4’)

big clavesmall clave

10’ x 10’ x 10′ walk-in oven and two smaller ovens

big oven


Two hydraulic presses, 150 ton 24 x 24″ and 12 ton 12 x 12″

big presssmall press

CNC Hotwire with independent controls for tapered parts (6′ x 3′ x 2′)

CNC hotwire

Walk-In Freezers for composite prepreg storage

walk in freezers

Structural Test Frame for testing composite components

Structural Test Frame

Engine Dynamometer – 20 and 50 hp water-brakes

dyno 002